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Cabinet work 🤔

I was lucky recently to get a new client job making custom cabinets for a closet. The client went to my local rockler in Kennesaw ga and asked if anyone does cabinet work to which they gave her my name which is awesome. Turns our she knew of me but didn’t think of me doing this job since most of what I do is lathe work.

This could be the start to something great. I have been wanting to take on larger projects like this one to change it up a little but also because of the money. I love doing show and will not stop doing shows but hopefully this can take off a little and get me doing less of the smaller show and just the big money makers.

I do not know about you but taking on jobs that is not your norm is the exciting fun part to me. So the gist of this story is to be friends with the community and get your name out there people you never know what opportunities will happen because of that. Doing so can help you financially and gain more experience and skills to become a better maker.

Here are a few pictures so far and I’ll share when it is completely done in a couple weeks.

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