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Everyone knows that gun lover that has EVERYTHING but…… do they have a pen made from an actual 50 caliber shell? That makes this pen the perfect gift for them and they will be smiling from ear to ear when they open it and say wow that’s cool.

This pen is made out of Walnut which is a North American hardwood.

This pen is a twist pen so hold the wood with one hand and the brass with the other and simply twist do extend the ink out or retract it back in.

To change the ink just pull it apart and screw in a new Cross refill and then push back together and your good to go.

The pen does stand up on end so it will not roll around and can be displayed or a deck or table if you wanted.

The price does include shipping and the pen is made to order unless in stock already.

Walnut 50 Caliber Bullet Pen

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