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I make DIY, how to, craft show tips, shop projects, and overall entertaining video on my Channel. For more of my work and helpful tips go check out my YouTube Channel to see weekly projects.

How to make Repeatable Cuts with Portable Miter saw station

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I made this portable miter saw station so I can make easily repeatable cuts. When building cabinet doors you need to make sure the top and sides are the same length so the door is square so having a jig like this so you can set the stop block and make the same cuts over and over comes in handy. FREE detailed plans available:

How to make a HUGE cheap workbench

 I have needed a workbench like this for awhile and finally made it because of a client build that I have now. the table is basic using little tools and minimal materials. I will have more plans and videos coming up with more add ons to this workbench to make it have storage and everything

How to make a Extending and Tilting Shop Computer Stand

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This is the first of many shop projects in the new space. The problem I have had is the computer has been so far from the front of the cnc so I wanted to make a scissor lift style extending stand that also tilts fo the work process on the cnc is easier and more fun to do. If you are interesting I have step by step plans for sale on my website. 

How to get Moving Camera Shots with NO fancy equipment

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Im making this video to know how easy it is to get interesting camera shots with little equipment and things laying around the house. I use a kids bike a drill and a rope to make this camera shot. It took a few mins to make and set up but was cheap and easy. 

How To Make a Giant Connect Four: Auctioned for Charity

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I made this Giant, Enormous, Massive, Super-Duper Connect Four Game also called 4 in a row game for a local non profit so they would auction it off for charity. The charity is for helping kids that are in need. so I was so happy to make this for them with the help of my local Lowes store donating the materials used to build it. The game was a HIT and did great at the auctions check the whole video out to see how it did. 

Making a Wood and Epoxy Shifter Knob

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This video shows the way I went about making a custom beagle chasing a rabbit wood and resin shifter knob. I use total boat epoxy to incase the maple dog and rabbit. I think this shifter knob turned out great and looks awesome in the truck and the customer loves it and that is what matters. 

How to Make the Ultimate Back LIT LED Shoe Shelf

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This LED back lit shoe rack/shelf is an awesome way to display your shoes or could be used to display anything you want to. It is made with 2 sheets of 1/2 plywood and 1 sheet of 1/4 plywood and some pine strips. I made this for my brother who looks shoes and wants to display them I think it turned out great. If you like shoes as much as he does and what to display them I think this is a great way to do so.

Cheap DIY Mailbox - Easy Beginner Woodworking Project

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So I wanted to make this video to show the person that is wanting to start woodworking an easy project. I made this mailbox with a circular saw, hammers, nails, square, and a 4x4. You can make this in a hour or so and will save money in the process. if you make a mailbox like this let me know I would love to see how it looks.

Making a Ping Pong Paddle with Exotic Woods

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My little brother has been playing a lot of ping pong lately so I decided to make him a one of a kind ping pong paddle with exotic woods and a higher quality rubber than you get on a paddle in local stores. I used total boat and black diamond pigments to make the inlay part on the handle so his name is on it. so now that I have made a custom ping pong paddle maybe we need to make a table too.......

2019 Shop Tour THE FUTURE

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After being in the same small shop for 5 years we are moving on up. from a 18x20 two car garage to a 24x85 building. I still have a lot of work to do but this is the shop tour as it is now and in a few more months another shop tour will be mad when I have it the way I want it.If you like shop builds think about subscribing because as you can see there is a lot to come in the future. 

Plywood Big Wheel | One Sheet Plywood Challenge

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This is my entry to the rockler plywood challenge put on by the modern maker podcast. So I was only able to use one sheet of plywood but could add a few things to it as well. So my daughter has a big wheel which I can not ride because it is made for a 3 years old so I had to make a wooden one. It does work but can be improved for sure. 

Craft Shows: Tips and Tricks, My Booth Setup

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I have been selling my work at craft shows for years now and I do over 15 shows a year. Lately I have had a lot of people wanting help getting started with shows so I decided to show how I set my booth up and give some basic info about craft shows as well as tips and tricks. I hope this video helps you out and if you have more question that could be another video topic ask away. 

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