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Building our Dream Home getting to Dried In

SO we have been waiting to move to my wife's family farm for a few years now and it is finally happening. We our self contracting it so we can save money hopefully. When you have someone else build your house they usually charge 20 percent and that comes out to be thousands of dollars. So by doing it this way we hope to spend 2/3 of what it will be valued at once completed. In this video we are showing to get to dried in and this is the part we didn't do one bc I don't know anything about concrete and two it would take me a year to frame it up my self so we thought this would be the best way to do it. Subscribe so you can keep up with this whole process and wish us luck.

HUUUGE 26 ft long TOOL WALL with Omniwall

This Omniwall is 26 feet long and 4 feet tall and holds all of my hand tools in the shop with homeroom to add more in the future. I have been wanting to organize the shop tools for a while now and I partnered with Omniwall to make that happen. This product is great better than and thing I have seen on the market and they have special clips to lock everything in place do hooks and accessories do not fall off when taking your tool of like other brands do.

5 Things You Need for Craft Shows

I have been doing craft and art shows since 2014 and I do about 20 different shows throughout the year here in the southeast region. I have made this list of the five things you need for craft show to help others that is starting with craft shows. I hope this video helps people with selling their art and can make them a little money. In this video there are a few things that I use that are most expensive but I do have links below to things I would use to start in case you don't know if this is something you are going to do long term.

Easy DIY Porch Planter

Since is is getting warm outside we are making a planter box. Since the porch doesn't have a lot of room we are making the planter so that it can be attached to the railing this way it is off the grow and a good uses of space. You can make this planter box for about $10 that is not including the soil and the plants though. I do not have plans for these but if you need them let me know.

DIY Axe Throwing Target

This Axe throwing target was made for a client but..... after throwing the axe for about 30 minute I think I might have the axe throwing bug now. I have seen axe throwing but never done it before and man it is fun. The best part of they axe target is it can be made in a day and if you have some of the materials already it doesn't even cost that much. I will tell you one think this is a beast and it isn't going anywhere which is what you want. Maybe now we need to make a axe????????

Easy Budget Friendly Outdoor Sofa

This project is made with 2x4 and does not need a lot of tools to be made. It also a perfect weekend project and has that farmhouse look that is popular right now. This outdoor couch is a great beginner woodworking project as well and who doesn't like to make something when it is way cheaper to build than to buy. Let me know if you like this daily video thing we might keep it going.

Making a Barn Birdhouse

This is my first ever birdhouse and man does it look great. That white and rustic red look amazing together with the rusty metal roof. Making a birdhouse is a easy project that you can do in a day or easily a weekend. I hope y'all enjoy the video and if you make one tag me on Instagram.

Ultimate Mobile Drill Press Stand with Counter Weight

I am in the process to make the shop more organized and a drill press cart with tons of storage for drills and screws seemed like a great idea. I think the project turned out amazing and the added weight in the bottom actually works extremely well. The shop is getting there just one piece at a time.

How to make a HUGE cheap workbench

 I have needed a workbench like this for awhile and finally made it because of a client build that I have now. the table is basic using little tools and minimal materials. I will have more plans and videos coming up with more add ons to this workbench to make it have storage and everything

How to Make the Ultimate Back LIT LED Shoe Shelf

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This LED back lit shoe rack/shelf is an awesome way to display your shoes or could be used to display anything you want to. It is made with 2 sheets of 1/2 plywood and 1 sheet of 1/4 plywood and some pine strips. I made this for my brother who looks shoes and wants to display them I think it turned out great. If you like shoes as much as he does and what to display them I think this is a great way to do so.

Plywood Big Wheel | One Sheet Plywood Challenge

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This is my entry to the rockler plywood challenge put on by the modern maker podcast. So I was only able to use one sheet of plywood but could add a few things to it as well. So my daughter has a big wheel which I can not ride because it is made for a 3 years old so I had to make a wooden one. It does work but can be improved for sure. 

Craft Shows: Tips and Tricks, My Booth Setup

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I have been selling my work at craft shows for years now and I do over 15 shows a year. Lately I have had a lot of people wanting help getting started with shows so I decided to show how I set my booth up and give some basic info about craft shows as well as tips and tricks. I hope this video helps you out and if you have more question that could be another video topic ask away. 

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